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This was added in only to prevent bots from abusing the servers.
Cameron Adeboye
Awesome! Finally got my Robux!
Like · Reply · · 3 months ago
John Pena
My kid used this and loves it. Saved me a lot!
Like · Reply · · 3 days ago
Bart Ommen
So glad this site exists. Some people like myself just don't want to buy Robux!
Like · Reply · · a week ago
Adam Lui
Me and all of my friends already used this today but we're coming back tomorrow to do it again and get more Robux.
Like · Reply · · 2 weeks ago
Mark Cabuhat
Can someone help me?
Like · Reply · · 2 weeks ago
Thomas Guski
Does it work?
Like · Reply · · 3 weeks ago
Abby Robinson
Me and my boyfriend are totally freaking out right now we just got all these cool outfits with our Robux! All you have to do is follow the instructions
Like · Reply · · a month ago
Ümit Dayan
This saved my life
Like · Reply · · a month ago
Pepper Chilli
Just put in valid info for survey it will activate after a few minutes
Like · Reply · · a month ago
Suman Saha
Worked perfectly and no ban!!!
Like · Reply · · 2 months ago
Monica Mbantul
wow thank you bookmarking this site
Like · Reply · · 2 months ago